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Use and interpretation of weather information

Informed use and interpretation of weather information is an important contributor to successful crop management.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's Sustainable Farming Fund funded a series of factsheets for pipfruit and winegrape growers to improve weather 'literacy' within these sections.  The fact sheets are presented on this site as pdf files, which means that you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view their contents.

You can access these factsheets in two ways:

  • from the grouped list (below) containing a summary and link to each factsheet file
  • a search engine for locating specific information from the entire set of documents
  • Climate Change in the orchard & vineyards: Macroclimate

    Downloadable file: FS1-1Macroclimate.pdf
  • Climate change in the orchard & vineyards: microclimate

    Downloadable file: FS1-2Microclimate.pdf
  • Interpreting weather forecasts

    Downloadable file: FS2-1WeatherForecasts.pdf
  • What's the difference between weather and climate forecasts?

    Downloadable file: FS2-2DifferenceBetweenWeatherAndClimateForecasts.pdf
  • Reading a weather map

    Downloadable file: FS2-3ReadingWeatherMaps.pdf
  • Weather monitoring equipment

    Downloadable file: FS3-1WeatherMonitoringEquipment.pdf
  • Temperature measurement

    Downloadable file: FS3-2Temperature.pdf
  • Surface wetness measurement

    Downloadable file: FS3-3SurfaceWetness.pdf
  • Measuring humidity

    Downloadable file: FS3-4Humidity.pdf
  • Light measurement

    Downloadable file: FS3-5Light.pdf
  • Wind measurement

    Downloadable file: FS3-6Wind.pdf
  • Chilling measurement

    Downloadable file: FS3-7ChillingMeasurement.pdf
  • Heat accumulation

    Downloadable file: FS3-8HeatAccumulations.pdf
  • Using thermometers effectively

    Downloadable file: FS3-9UsingThermometers.pdf
  • Disease epidemiology

    Downloadable file: FS4-1DiseaseEpidemiology.pdf
  • Disease forecasting

    Downloadable file: FS4-2DiseaseForecasting.pdf
  • Temperature effects on insect development

    Downloadable file: FS5-1TemperatureEffectsOnInsectDevelopment.pdf
  • Climate effect on insect flight

    Downloadable file: FS5-2ClimaticFactorsInsects.pdf
  • Pheromone dispenser release and efficacy

    Downloadable file: FS5-3PheromoneDispenserReleaseEfficacy.pdf
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